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We offer and trade Genuine Thai Buddha Amulets in well preserve and in good conditions. We have variety of genuine Buddha image and amulets consecrated by famous monks and temples in Thailand. Our goal is to create a safe and confidence online shopping environment for our friends and our value customers.


We also provide Life Trend Analysis. Life Trend Analysis consisted of 3 factors; Life Analogy (Karma), Environment Analogy (Fengshui) and Wisdom (Academic diligence).

The very first factor are predetermined from birth and cannot be altered by third party, the second and third factors can be enhanced through fengshui adjustment and our own individual efforts from our academic diligence, actions and behaviors.

Archarn Francis aka Master Francis, a master who can read accurately by QMDJ. Highly regarded as an expert in problem solving. He has a unique ability to focus in on his client’s needs.
Archarn Francis offers a comprehensive and extensive range of consultation services to suit individual needs for his clients.

1) Residential Fengshui
2) Commercial Fengshui
3) Yin House (Burial Site) Fengshui
4) Auspicious Date Selection
5) Property Selection
6) Personal Consultation inclusive of annual or life Trend reading, financial luck, career include of Business Opportunities & Development.

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Phra Pidta BE2519

Phra Pidta BE2519 Temple: Wat Lahanrai, Rayong Monks: Luang Phoo Gaew Material: Pong Plai Kuman from Luang Phoo Tim & Wan Jindamani Luang Phoo Gaew. Year: BE2519 Effect: Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Sanay & Maha Larp Dimension: 1.5cm x 2.1cm Type of Framing: Steel Casing Stock Code: 140306007 **************************** 必达掩面佛 佛寺名称:罗勇府瓦莱韩赖 高僧:龙菩Gaew 年份:佛历2519年(西元1976年) 原料:参入龙菩添帕古曼经粉和金纳曼尼。 功能:避险、招财、人缘。 …

Phra Kring Pra Pho Sat Guan Im (Roon Pet Jao Faa) 观音菩萨 BE2538

Phra Kring Pra Pho Sat Guan Im (Roon Pet Jao Faa) 观音菩萨 BE2538 Temple: Wat Borwon, Bangkok Monk: Great Ceremony (Pi-Tee Maha Pu-Ta-Pi-Sayk) Pra SangKaraat Yan Sang Won Year: 29th April BE2539 Material: Nur Sam GaSat (Plated gold, silver & bronze) forehead inserted diamond (Weigh:- 1 Sataang) as stated from the brochure. Remark: Every pieces …

Phra Pidta Pim Jiw (70th Birthday Batch) BE2517

Phra Pidta Pim Jiw (70th Birthday Batch) BE2517 Temple: Wat Pikhunthong, SingBuri Monk: Luang Phor Pae Year: BE2517 Material: Nur Phong Puttakhun (Lai Seua Pitong) Dimension: 1.0cm x 1.2cm Type of Framing: Steel Casing Stock Code: 171221008 **************************** 必达掩面护身佛 佛历2517 **龙婆培70岁生日纪念 佛寺名称:信武里府瓦必坤通 法师:龙婆培 年份:佛历2517年(西元1974年) 原料:经粉与108种花粉 尺寸:1.0公分 x 1.2公分 镶工:钢壳 佛牌编号:171221008